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Justin M

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Royce M

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Morgan B

"I was very pleased with the recent move with 1st choice moving and storage. We moved from an old townhouse to a new bigger one so the amount of things to move was not overwhelming but they are bulky including a piano. The crew showed up early, proceeded to assess the requirement and got to work promptly. They were efficient, careful, and very mindful of the furniture. The same kind of attention was provided unloading the furniture into the new townhouse. Throughout the process they were very efficient as if to realize the customer is paying by the hour, and very pleasant. The process was painless and as pleasant as possible given the move situation which always creates stress. Their manager called two times during the moving day to ensure all was on track and met expectations. I'd recommend them to all."

Stefan H

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Diego R

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Zachary D

"I found a house after much looking around. I had to literally move in within 3 days because it was approaching the end of month. I knew this move was going to be horrendous. But 1st choice moving & storage made my moving experience very pleasant. They are not your average moving company that is made up of inexperienced yet strong looking men. Their movers were very professional and knew exactly how to do their job. They were done packing and loading everything from my apartment in just a few hours. The delivery was made on time and there were no damages. Thank god for these guys. Otherwise, I don’t know how this move was going to go!"

Andrew W

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David R

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Jack A

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Ronald B

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Phillip H

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Mark B

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Bradly C

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Lawrence B

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Gregory R

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Brandon S

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Rico F

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Jack B

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Jeffrey M

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Chris E

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Cole A

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Bruce L

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Philip J

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Horacio B

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Mitch Q

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"I had never moved to another area of the state, much less to another state entirely. But this time I was moving across the country. From the start, everyone I spoke to at 1st choice moving & storage was helpful, professional and courteous. I especially appreciated their manager explaining the things to be aware of when considering a moving company. Their movers came in right on time and quickly packed up all my things. The delivery was a week later. I was just so glad when I saw they managed to delivery everything without any damages. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs their services and I will use them again for my next move. "

Sanford M

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Barry S

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Felipe B

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Benjamin C